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Centro técnico de suspensiones offroad, suspensiones para 4x4 y distribución exclusiva Profender España
Centro técnico de suspensiones offroad, suspensiones para 4x4 y distribución exclusiva Profender España
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– How is the production of a Profender Spain?

The process begins with the purchase of a vehicle. The car is tested and analyzed, trying to find its weaknesses. Once we know what we need to improve, we design and build the first prototype. After several tests are done in the car, sometimes for months, and when we consider that the shock absorber is working perfectly, and only then, we collect all the information, we shape it and send it to our factory for series production.


-Where can I buy Profender Spain shock absorbers?

Through our network of workshops and shops or directly in our Central 4 × 4 Offroad company.


– What is a separate bottle shock absorber?

These shock absorbers have a second body connected to the main bottle by a hose.​

The purpose of this bottle is twofold: on the one hand, it increases the capacity of oil, which allows to reduce the operating temperature and to avoid performance loss. We
also increase the contact ​surface with the air, which also favors cooling; therefore, half of this bottle is occupied by a nitrogen chamber, separated from the oil by a floating piston. This nitrogen chamber gives a progressive behavior to the shock absorber since it is compressed as the shank is compressed, with the particularity that the higher the compression, the greater is the necessary force to compress the gas.


– What is a repairable shock absorber?

It is a shock absorber that can be stripped down or ​dismantled​. This allows us to replace any part that has been damaged. In addition, by having access to the interior of the shock absorber, we can modify its setting by changing its interior carvings.


– Which model of shock absorbers should you choose?

This is not an easy question to answer, because there are many factors to consider:

No es lo mismo dar una vuelta por los alrededores de la ciudad el fin de semana que realizar una ruta de varios días por Marruecos a buen ritmo.

It is not the same, to make a city tour during a weekend than, to make a multi-day route through Morocco. For those ones who want to make trips to Morocco, the ideal shock absorberwouldbeeitherthe​Dakaro​ rthe​DakarExtreme.​

While it is true that the ​Afrika Tours has proved their endure for this type of terrain, it is also true that they are not designed for that purpose.

The Afrika Tours is ideal to improve the performance of the original equipment. It has greater oil capacity, a more progressive operation and it’s tarade allows to roll at a higher rate without losing comfort. It also offers the possibility of increasing the ground clearance. A lot of hours have been invested in the development and tuning of each of the Afrika Tours. Really an easy-to-install shock absorber.

On the other hand, the ​Afrika Extreme provides a greater volume of oil than the Afrika Tours and therefore better performance, without reaching the Dakar. However, it has a simpler installation as it does not have a separate bottle, so it becomes the ideal option for drivers of large and heavy cars such as the Nissan GR, the Toyota HDJ or the Mercedes G, who are looking for a better performance without making a large investment.

The Dakar is the minimum you will need to ride if you travel to Africa. The improvement in performance in comparison to a twin tube is very large, and not comparable to its price difference. It is also repairable and offers us the possibility of giving a tailored tarade.

The Dakar Extreme adds a body and a larger diameter bottle that suppose an extra contribution of oil. It is our best performance shock absorber.

For less usual applications, such as trial cars, monster trucks or prototypes of any other type you should choose between Air Shocks, Coilovers, Bypass …


– Is it necessary to homologate a change of shock absorbers?

Any reform that involves a change in the benchmarks of the vehicle requires a homologation. However, we can skip this homologation if we play within the margins.


– What is the function of a steering damper?

The steering damper helps to keep the car’s trajectory in very broken terrain, reducing rough steering wheel reactions and eliminating the “death wobble”. It becomes all the more necessary, the greater the diameter of the wheels.


– Do the shock absorbers need maintenance?

Yes. Like any mechanical element, shock absorbers suffer from wear and tear. Normal maintenance includes the disassembly of the shock absorber, replacement of damper seal and o-rings seal, oil replacement and testing.


– Are there Profender spares?

Central 4 × 4 Offroad has spare parts in stock for all the parts that make up the repairable shock absorbers. For the non-repairable, there is a replacement of silent blocks.


– Can I fill the separate bottle with air instead of with nitrogen?

You can, but you shouldn’t. Nitrogen preserves the interior of the oxidation buffer, but above all, it has more stable physical properties than air.


– What changes in the car should go with a change of shock absorbers?

It all depends on the new height of the suspension. Until 2″ more modifications are usually not necessary. However, more than this height and depending on the car, it will be necessary to replace suspension arm bearings and relocate Panhard rod. stabilizers…

It is very important to make sure that the geometry angles of the suspension are right.


– Are the “blue” Profenders the same as the Profender Spain?

Absolutely not. Our Profender Spain shock absorbers are designed, developed and tested in Madrid, taking into account the needs of the Spanish users, the type of car they drive, terrain…
They may have the same exterior appearance, but the interior is well different: we use specific materials, measurements, and own tarade. In addition, Profender Spain offers the best technical service nationwide, which has a spare parts store that allows any repair or modification of the shock absorbers within a week.

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